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9 Reasons why your
business needs a

Conscience is the inner perception of objections to definite wish impulses that exist in us; but the emphasis is put upon the fact that this rejection does not have to depend on anything else, that it is sure of itself.

There are 9 reasons why you might not need a website:

“I don’t have a computer”. “Our customers don’t have computers”. “Our customers like the personal touch”. “We put our telephone number in the local paper”. “We don’t sell online”. “It’s not in our budget”. “I wouldn’t know what to do with a website”. “We don’t need one”. “I’ve got a webpage – errrr – I think it’s on or something like that?”

OK, maybe you don’t need one, but then again, here are 9 reasons why your business does need a website:

1 – You’re already losing customers by not having a website.

When searching for a tradesman, service or product what’s the first thing you do? Google it, I hear you say, but you’re not alone. An awful lot of us head to the internet first to find what we are looking for. Most of us use the web when searching for a local business. By not having a website you are losing out on potential customers.

2 – 24hr access

The internet is always on. It doesn’t have opening or closing hours as your shop or business might. This means you can catch customers who you may otherwise miss, those 3am shoppers or the 6pm – 9pm browsers.

3 – Showcase products or services

Having a website allows you to show off your products online, giving customers a chance to have a look at what you offer before they contact you. You can provide detailed information, images or even videos to help entice your customers.

4 – Your competitors have a website

Consumers usually start by researching the product or service they are going to buy. In this digital age this will undoubtedly mean doing research online. If your competitor has a website and you don’t, you’re basically giving your customers away to your competitors.

5 – Reach a wider market

Websites have the ability to reach anyone in the world who has an internet connection. Consequently, having a website gives you the potential to greatly increase your customer base and reach all areas of the globe.

6 – Saves time

Once a website has been set up, it requires very little maintenance compared to that of an actual shop. We’re not saying that you can just set up a website and leave it – very much the opposite. Regular updates and content should be added to the site to stop it becoming out of date.

7 – Saves you money

Although the initial cost of the website may be high, it is a one-off cost. The monthly costs of having a website are in most cases lower than £20. Compare this to a monthly magazine or newspaper advert and it works out a lot less, with the potential to reach a much wider audience. Having a website is a very cost-effective way to promote your business.

8 – Get to know your customers better

When you have a website, you can also install tracking and analytics software, allowing you to monitor who is visiting your site, from which location and on what device. The information collected can provide valuable information which can help you better serve your customers.

9 – Improved customer service

Having a website allows you to have your contact information and other useful information available at all times for your visitors. Customers can interact with you, give you feedback on your products or services, let you know if there is a problem and what’s more, you can come back to them instantly if you wish, leaving you with happy customers.


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